Masks and Faces


There are unlined, pretty faces ... There are faces scarred by strong emotions. And there are "bewildered faces: lined,
weary-dark mirrors of splintered dreams," as Chaim Potok puts it.

Faces have eyes, windows on the soul. Masks don't.

April 2000

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Mardi gras '97
Cirque du soleil II. '99
Phantom of the Opéra '94
La valse '93
Woman with Earrings '94
With a Certain Smell of Despair '95
Woman with Calla Lillies '95
21 Avenue Rapp '98
Head of a Woman '94
Femme-fleur II '98
The Gods are Dreaming II '99
Pierrot lunaire '97
Suspicion '96

Halloween '94
Cruelty '97
Medicine Man '92

Cleopatra '96
Le testament d'Orphée '99
Cat Man