About Snails, Snakes, Sea-horses and Other Animals

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Butterfly '93
Flowers in Flight '98
Flower in Flight '95
Full Moon '98
Fire Salamander '95

Les Aristoloches '93
Bestiaire '98
Beaux Soleils '95

L'oiseau de paradis I '93
L'oiseau de paradis II '93
Diana '98
La dame blanche '96

Dawn '93

Dragon and Three Dragonflies '98
Comme un Oiseau
Amour en cage '95

Humming bird '93

Jewelry '96
Hippo campe II '93
Flor de Manita
Smoking a
About Birds
& No Bees
White Unicorn
Snail Turning into a Flower in a Garden at Night
Sea Lion
Bird of Paradise
Flowers in Flight
Kol Nidre
La Belle et La Bête
Snake With Blue Eyes